Activity Report

Secartys is a non-profit business network that, since 1968, dedicates its efforts to enhance the competitiveness of its members and help the Spanish industry to expand abroad.

We work to assist Spanish companies in the following fields: Electronics; ICT, Leisure and Electronic Entertainment; Audiovisual; Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency; Building Automation, Lighting Industry, Home & Building Automation and Smart Cities

Secartys is  aware that our companies' every day can be a hard road, full of obstacles and barriers that sometimes seem impossible to overcome. For this reason, we aim to facilitate and pave the way for them, putting at their disposal our experience of nearly 50 years boosting the competitiveness of our partners and help the Spanish industry to expand abroad.

In the recent years we have radically transformed the reality of our organization, which now has more than 400 members.

I hope that the 2015 activity report may be useful to discover our organization’s work to improve the competitiveness of our members.


Josep Rof
SECARTYS President


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