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After 49 years, Secartys is a benchmark in the world of business associations of technology and energy efficiency.

Secartys has several means through which it offers the possibility to other companies to participate and to include publicity, with the aim of helping them to gain visibility. These actions are based on customer orientation, flexibility, dialogue and service.

Secartys News Magazine

Secartys News is a corporate publication edited by Secartys whose content is focused on the international projection and innovative effort of member companies of the association and its industry.

With 24 issues published, our Secartys News magazine stands as a showcase for all companies in the industry, helping them to achieve greater visibility and recognition.

It is published four times a year; February, May, July and November.

Print edition

There are 1000 copies that are sent to all our partners and to several public institutions throughout Spain.


It is sent to more than 5000 companies, both partners and non-partners, institutions and university centers.



We have the publication of different newsletters in which we offer the possibility of inserting advertising.

Only one banner is published per newsletter, which provides less publicity saturation to the recipient, achieving a greater predisposition to pay attention. This banner is inserted at the top of the newsletter, so it has great visibility.

The editions in which you can announce are:

  • Newsletter Secartys. It is published monthly and collects the published news of our partners and Secartys itself, the events that will be realized in the next months and days, and the new associates of each month.
  • Newsletter Secartys News. This newsletter is sent four times a year, coinciding with the magazine's publications (February, May, July and November).  


Scope of publication:

This publication is sent to more than 5000 companies of the sector, partners and non-members, public institutions, and university centers.  

Price: 100€/ month

Banner size: 600x150 / 200px

You can see an example here.


We offer you the possibility to advertise through the insertion of a banner, either static or moving, in any of our sections.

Price: 100€/ month

Banner size: 150x150 - 200x200 - 250x250 pixels

Marisol Estevan - Communication & Marketing Assistant

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