Consulting in International Trade

Our objective is to improve the competitiveness of companies offering services to support internationalization, R&D+i, training, communication and search for funds. With our services in each of these blocks, we help companies to internationalize, develop innovative products, train their employees, find funds for their projects and stablish themselves ahead of their competition.

In this area we perform two kinds of services

1. Analysis of the Internationalization Potential 

Analyze the potential of the company that wants to start in the process of internationalization. From Domotys, we will analyze strengths and weaknesses that must be reinforced to start the internationalization process.

The company will be given a report resulting from a meeting with the International / National Advisor of Domotys.

2. International Business Plan

We help define the Business Plan internationally. We establish the steps that the company has to carry out to commercialize the product / service at an international level. We select markets, study the various access routes to the market / s chosen, the type of customer we are going to and manage the planning of commercial activities.

Further information

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Carolina Sierra - International Department Director

+34 93 182 88 05

Roger Ferrer - International Project Manager

+34 93 182 88 03