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Our objective is to improve the competitiveness of companies offering services to support internationalization, R&D+i, training, communication and search for funds. With our services in each of these blocks, we help companies to internationalize, develop innovative products, train their employees, find funds for their projects and stablish themselves ahead of their competition.

Service description

It consists of the search for agents, distributors and potential customers in Western European countries, although other countries can be considered individually on a case-by-case basis.

Working Methodology

  • Definition and elaboration of the profile required by the company.
  • Preparation of the presentation documentation of the company to send to the contacts (presentation emails, mini catalogs with the most outstanding products or services, etc.).
  • Search and identification of potential contacts abroad and creation of a database.
  • Telephone contact with each of the potential candidates, presentation of the company, transmission of documentation of the Spanish company and follow-up, telephone and email, of each one of them.
  • Filtration of potential contacts detected according to questionnaire adapted to the client company, which will check their suitability.
  • Presentation to the client company of a results report with proposal of candidates who have confirmed their interest in knowing the Spanish company.
  • Coordination, if appropriate, of a first visit with each of the potential contacts identified.


The maximum period to carry out this service is 3 months, period in which Domotys must have made the delivery of the results report with the proposal of candidates. If after this period the profile of the suitable candidate was not found according to the profile established, the expenses incurred in the contracting of the service would be reimbursed.

Further information

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Carolina Sierra - International Department Director

+34 93 182 88 05


Roger Ferrer - International Project Manager

+34 93 182 88 03