European Projects

Over the years, Secartys has led and participated in projects at a regional and national level, an experience complemented with the presentation and execution of international projects. 

Among the international projects in which the association has participated, INARA and Co-Create can be highlighted.

Project funded by the European Commission, under the EuropeAid line, that consists on the installation of up to 300 solar streetlamps for public lighting in the city of Halba (Lebanon), thus guaranteeing access to renewable energy in a region where powercuts are frequent and where there are difficulties to extend the electrical network to all users. In addition to the installation of solar streetlights, the project also provides training courses for technology transfer, thus improving the capacity of local authorities to provide electricity in rural areas.

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The Co-Create is an Interreg MED project with the main objective of enhancing the competitiveness of companies in the construction, industrial and furniture sectors and of promoting sustainable growth in the Mediterranean area by promoting innovative practices. The Co-Create also works towards the creation of new projects and the boosting of the networking between stakeholders, as well as towards discovering and generating new market niches and strengthening the integration of European citizens into the project.

Further information

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