Legal advice

Our objective is to improve the competitiveness of companies offering services to support internationalization, R&D+i, training, communication and search for funds. With our services in each of these blocks, we help companies to internationalize, develop innovative products, train their employees, find funds for their projects and stablish themselves ahead of their competition.

We provide companies with a legal advice service in the areas of Commercial, Civil, Administrative and Tax Law.


  • Resolution of consultations by telephone, email, at the headquarters of the association or on-site at the partner's home, prior appointment.
  • Commercial and commercial-tax planning.
  • Advice on meetings of members as well as on boards of directors, with the possibility of holding the position of Secretary not adviser within them.
  • Resolution of civil conflicts.
  • Interposition and monitoring of resources through administrative channels.
  • Comprehensive counseling and legal assistance in the pre-bankruptcy and insolvency areas.
  • Personalized consulting of the company and the entrepreneur.
  • Legal assistance in travel of the company in the development of its activity.
  • Advice and legal assistance in the labor field.

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